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Upcoming Workshops


MAY 2018

Address intimacy issues and work towards a more fulfilling relationship with your partner with one on one sessions with Avril.


MAY 2018

Meet with Avril and avail a customized meditation package which will help you reach your goal in the shortest possible time. 


June 2018

An energy healing workshop that will help align your mind, body and spirit so that you operate at your maximum potential. 


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Avril has worked with many individuals through one on one sessions to help them tackle issues that need resolving, heal past traumas, overcome limiting beliefs, open them up to new relationships, job and business opportunities and even eliminate illnesses that manifest itself in the mind. 



Tantra is the path of “Compassion and Bliss”. It is the only way to transcend to higher consciousness through the vehicle of the body and sex is used as a beautiful tool of expression for this.  Through this course, Avril will work with you to help you build a deeper connection with your partner and resolve problems that prevent you from enjoying a healthy sex life. 

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Meditation strengthens you on A SOUL LEVEL. It makes you more empathetic, compassionate, analytical, youthful, intuitive, intelligent, more at peace with yourself, establishes your identity, allows you the confidence to handle stress and much much more.  Work with Avril to create a meditation experience that is customized for you.



Avril's patented L3 course enables individuals to LIVE LIFE LARGE. Through the L3 course Avril wilI teach you how single minded focus, persistence, passion and desire for ones goal can make you unstoppable if you  know how to control your mind. This course incorporates techniques learnt from  reputed mind practitioners and from studying famous people who have have achieved great success through mind control.

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An Online Channel that Helps You Align, Attract, Achieve

AVRIL is AN L3 Coach – "LIVE LIFE LARGE" - and loves helping people live “their best life” through various tried and tested methods having mentored with great Living masters and having studied and put into action the principles she advocates. 

to reach out to a wider audience, avril's courses can be taken online through the avrils' qs' free youtube channel, and for faster results through a premium tailor made course that will "get you results that show" 


online life coach training

Online life coach training in Bangalore used to be a challenge but Avril Q, (an L3 coach) has remedied this through her general /customized online courses. 

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online personal development training

Your entire survival and success in life depends upon your Personality. Your personality has a profound effect in your career, relationships with not only others, but yourself as well! Avrils' Qs' has one of the most successful online Personal Development Training Programmes in Bangalore.

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online self development training

Self Development Online Training In Bangalore is working on your drawbacks in order to be the BEST VERSION of yourself so as to bring about a radical improvement in all areas of your life. 

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online success development training

Avril Q is a certified Success Online coach and  her Patented L3 system takes clients from zero to hero in weeks / months depending upon the clients “commitment” .


Three to Thrive

A complete person is a person who is thriving in three main areas of life:

Mind, Body & Soul.

Delve deeper to understand more on Avril's Three 2 Thrive philosophy which is the foundation of her successful courses.

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What is the Daily Doze?

Hello Precious Person,

I’m sure you would like to know what “DAILY DOZE” is all about.

Well, lets just say that it is a segment that is always “Evolving” and changing to bigger, better and varied information to help you on your journey to LIVE LIFE LARGE.

In this segment you can execute an action plan based on a quote or remember to reflect based on a set of affirmations. 

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