Gratitude for the negative in 2017.

Hey my beautiful person,

Well, do you know that you can be grateful for the bad things that happen?

“Bad” is just a perception. It is just the way you look at something! It is how you are wired that dictates How you see the world and circumstances. The Energy of “good” and “Bad” vibrate at different frequencies like the frequency of a “Problem” and a “Solution”. So, your focus will determine how you view things. And if your focus and your intent is clear and is on a high positive frequency, You can see something good or learn something beneficial from a “bad” situation.

For example, When i upgraded my Mac to the new Software about 7 months ago just about the time i began writing scripts for this channel, I forgot to back up all my scripts and other documents and I lost everything….YES…EVERYTHING!

At 1st i wanted to tear my hair out and wanted to indulge in self blame etc etc but I thought of all I have learnt form Bob Proctor and he used to say when he was coaching us, that there is gratitude to be found in everything, and so I kept myself open to the universe and put out the intention to just come up with new material and then I just sat in front of my laptop and that was how my youtube channel was born and how I opened my office and began seeing clients and doing workshops and Kundalini yoga classes.

So, you see, you can be grateful for the bad things that happen. Take a look at

everything that happens in your life and understand, good or bad, it’s a turning point.

There are things that have to happen to get you to where you’re going. And do you

know where you’re going? You’re going to a higher level of awareness all the time.

Everything that happens is necessary to raise our level of consciousness.

Take a few minutes right now, and think about all the things you’ve got to be

grateful for. Reflect back on your life. You will see, in retrospect, that there were

many things that happened which, at the time, you thought were terrible—but they

were good things. They moved you in the direction you had to go in order to get to

where you are.

Spend a few minutes now writing down how unfavorable things in 2017 have actually made you a better person or opened up new opportunities for you.

So, You know my mantra is

I’MPossible! never miss a video on my YouTube channel, Avrils’ Qs’

So lets pledge to make 2018 the year of the possible…and to make whatever was impossible last year definitely possible this year.

Sending out so much love to you so catch it and put it in your heart and shine bright!!!