Hello precious person,

I am glad you found this page. There are no coincidences or mistakes in life and if you are here, it is because you need to take your beautiful precious life to the next level of fulfillment and peace and success.

So, I am Avril Q and these are the therapies I work with and this is who I am.

1. A certified “Pranic healer” / Therapist. 

2. A certified “EFT” therapist - An Emotional Freedom Technique)

3.A certified “Kundalini coach” from the lineage of Yogi Bhajan.

4. A lineage trained “Tantra Therapist” for married couples and Women.

5. I am also an “Empath” – I am very very very sensitive to Energies and and see and feel them. My “intuition” is acutely turned on AND HAS SAVED MY LIFE MANY TIMES. 

It is very easy to find reliable material on the official Pranic healing website and websites like tapping.com . BUT there is not enough reliable information on Tantra and Kundalini.

So let us start with Tantra. As I have said before, Tantra is the path of compassion and bliss and uses the vehicle of the body with the powerhouse of Kundalini Shake to channel energy to all creative and goal oriented activities and into the bliss of Intense Orgasms. 

I teach women the Art of Tantra to increase awareness and connection within their own bodies and how to love and appreciate their bodies as temples of love and manifestation. 

I cover topics such as The Map of the Body, The Art of Tantric Massage, The Roadblocks to Orgasms, The ways to use Tantra to manifest fulfillment in all areas of your life, The Milking and Edging techniques, The Micro Cosmic orbit, The Art of Pleasure, Discovering your own Sacred Sensuality and then using it with love and reverence and much much more. 

I also work with married couples to align their kundalini energy which then allows them to reach new heights of intense pleasure and intimacy not only on the genital and physical level but also on the heart and emotional level. Tantra is not a tool to misuse and throw around BUT instead to strengthen the bond between 2 lovers who are into each other only and to treat your partner with the love and reverence they deserve and that you deserve. 

I do not teach Tantra to men in one on one sessions as there are certain practices that I cannot participate in because there is no sexual or soul connection with the man in question and for men who have lamented about the tantra schools in Goa where female teachers engage in the sacred act of tantric sex with their students, I say to them, buy a plane ticket and enjoy maadi!!! I really beg to differ in this area because if you don’t have a soul connection with a partner how can you engage in sacred sex with that person? And if you are a true Practitioner you have to conserve your sacred shakti and channel it and not just overuse and misuse it. 

This is the way I have been taught in the lineage of my Guru and my views are my own and I have no disrespect towards other Tantra teachers.

Kundalini Yoga will change your life in a matter of days, you will gain clarity, courage, purpose, reduce stress and adrenal fatigue, balance your endocrine system, learn to pull Kundalini shakti and channel it safely. Even if you can’t do Asanas and Kriyas like the forms of yoga like Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha, you will still benefit from Kundalini Yoga as we work FROM THE INSIDE OUT. So all you need is a Yoga mat and your dedication.

I conduct weekly classes at all the WEWORK centers in Bangalore and take on private clients too. 

So, if you are looking to push through stagnation and mediocrity in your life, give me a call and we can set up a consultation. My digits are 9987454408 and my timings are 11.30 am to 7.30 pm. Please text me before you call so I know who I am speaking with.

I wish you the bliss of Tantra and the vitality, magic of Kundalini shakti, the miracle of EFT and the divinity of Pranic healing. 

Till we meet again in person for a one to one session or at a Kundalini workshop and/or a new youtube series…..




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