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Welcome to Avrils’ Qs’ where I teach and share with you all that I have learnt from great masters having mentored with the likes of Tony Robbins,Bob Proctor, Donna Eden to name a few and Buddhist enlightened masters. 

I also share my Lifestyle tips with food and exercise choices,meditations and the rest. I will make recommendations FOR YOU based on what you “need and want.”
I’m an L3 COACH – LIVE LIFE LARGE -A term I coined –
Because I believe we have this one precious gift called “life” and we owe it to ourselves to live “each day” like it is our last so that when we pass on we have have little or no regrets.

now let's talk.

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Because “you matter”.

In this vast universe YOU ARE AN INTEGRAL PART.

And now for my motto – SAY IT LOUD.


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