Are you looking for true meaning in your life?

Do you want to strengthen your connection to the divine?

Do you wish to become more spiritual?

Going inwards and understanding who you are, is the key to a happy, fulfilling and spiritual life.



We are all infinite beings in a human body having a human experience on this plane of existence, our world. So since we are infinite beings we possess a soul that takes re birth until enlightenment.

So, you are an EXTENSION OF THE UNIVERSE, SOURCE ENERGY OR YOUR ROOT GURU. Your soul knows and understands and cares. It is an entity that is not defined by Ego and Labels like Avril or John. Those are just labels.  A chair is called a chair because someone labelled it so.


Your soul takes on different bodies depending on your karma, in the hope of finding enlightenment. 

Isn't it then essential that you take care of your soul, the spirit within you and nourish it just as you do your body?

Nourishing your soul with meditations and soul training is very essential for complete fulfillment in life.


So, here are the Meditation techniques that you can learn from Avril

Tantra (for married couples)

Kundalini meditations


Stress Release

Focus/senses meditations - Using the 6 senses to meditate on an object of your choice

Micro 2 minute meditations 3 times a day. 

Family meditation. 

Meditation with children. 


Through these techniques, you will can strengthen yourself on  A SOUL LEVEL. The outcome of this is a sense of inner calm and peace within you which will reflect in your worldly life through better relationships, better performance at work and your overall ease and flow of life. 


customize your meditation course


One size does not fit all.  

In order to get the best out of the Meditation Course, Avril will meet with you to understand what you are looking for and your expectations. She will then decide on a program of meditation that will work for you, so that you can get to where you want within the most optimal time. 

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