This is to do with your soul and your belief in that you are an EXTENSION OF THE UNIVERSE, SOURCE ENERGY OR YOUR ROOT GURU and that your soul knows and understands and cares. It is an entity that is not defined by Ego and labels like Avril or John. Those are just labels we give to people or a chair is called a chair because someone labelled it so.

I use different kinds of meditations from Tantra, Kundalini, Mindfulness, Stress Release, the 6 senses to meditations on an object of your choice, to micro 2 minute meditations 3 times a day.

Meditation strengthens you on A SOUL LEVEL. It makes you more empathetic, compassionate, analytical, youthful, intuitive, intelligent, more at peace with yourself, establishes your identity, allows you the confidence to handle stress and much much more.

Customizing your package with me!!!

I will do a free consult with you, analyze you as a person, establish what you require, keep in mind what you are expecting from me, give you a time frame and then decide which main modality in terms of MBS will work for you. Then I use all 3 modalities in different proportions to get you where you want to be and in the shortest time possible!

Miracles do happen! But Belief in them is the key that unlocks those Miracles….

Why do you think I'm always converting IMPOSSIBLE to I’M POSSIBLE….
Like I say…nothing I teach you is unaccounted for. I do not consider you an Experiment. I value you like I value myself and I have tried each and every modality I advocate ON MYSELF….I stand by what I teach and if I CAN DO IT and have TURNED MY LIFE AROUND…YOU CAN TOO.

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