If you are one of the 95%  of people out there who is a victim of past programming by family, peers, your childhood experiences, abuse, etc, this course is apt for you.


Our mind comprises of the conscious and the sub conscious. It is the sub conscious that takes control of our mind. All of the experiences and thoughts that are holding you back is stored in your sub conscious. And that is what is holding you back. 

Avril has mentored and trained with world renowned experts in methods and techniques on HOW TO CONTROL THE MIND. She has taken the best of what she has learnt and combined it into a POWERFUL COURSE ON MIND CONTROL. Her course could be the catalyst into propelling you to live your best life yet, through strengthening your mind!


avril Qs' mentors and trainers

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techniques that avril applies in her course

Daily Energy protocols

Avril uses Donna Eden’s Energy Modalities technique which is based on the different energy systems in the body to open up blockages within a person that create “false paradigms” and can cause a person to be STUCK FOR YEARS. 

Through this technique, you will be able to solve problems related to low energy so that you can live your life to your full potential. 

Emotional Freedom Technique

Through EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique, Avril concentrates on the chakras in a person. She combines EFT with Pranic healing to enable a person to harness the energy centers in their body. These energy centers are vortexes of powerful energy, which are each associated with a specific function. 




  1. A Detailed explanation of LOA or The Laws of Attraction and how it works. 
  2. How to set your intention and command it from the Universe
  3. Aligning your Energy with energy alignment techniques in just minutes every morning and evening. 
  4. Clearing Subconscious Trauma from the past with EFT - The Emotional Freedom Technique. 
  5. How to overcome “Reversal” of the Subconscious mind with “correct tapping” techniques and protocols.  Sometimes people despite practicing  EFT, get no relief as they are constantly fighting against a belief in the sub conscious mind which it cannot let go of. They use this negative belief as a protection mechanism. However, Avril will do a Reversal Tapping to align the sub conscious mind to “want to let go of the issue” because it feels safe.
  6. Pranic healing for any physical, psychological and emotional issues that you may be carrying around for years. 
  7. Rebirthing process wherein Avril will regress you into your mothers womb and deal with issues that you may have no conscious recollection of.



  1. You will emerge with complete clarity about who you are as a person.
  2. You will learn “how” to ask for something and “receive it” using The Laws Of Attraction correctly.
  3. All subconscious trauma will be rooted out at a cellular level.
  4. All your negative behavior will be sorted out because you will know how to address it and tackle it. 
  5. You will learn how to tap on your own using EFT so you always have a handy tool to keep you grounded and centered.
  6. You will see a definite improvement in areas of your life be it your career and your relationship with your children, parents and spouse.