So what do i do as a Life coach, an L3 coach and a Kundalini coach? I consider a person a COMPLETE PERSON ONLY IF THEIR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT are in Sync. If these 3 elements are balanced. This is my patented L3 formula….3 to Thrive…LIVE LIFE LARGE. As far as i know no other coaching, besides Avrils Qs does this and THAT IS MY USP.

I have mentored and trained with Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Brendan Buchard and they encompass everything to do with the MIND which includes LOA and all the principles great masters have known and taught from Napolean Hill to Thomas Toward to James Allen, just to name a few. I teach how single minded focus, persistence, passion and desire for ones goal can make you unstoppable but you have to know HOW TO CONTROL YOUR MIND. I can be that catalyst for you to propel you to live your best life by strengthening your mind.

With Donna Eden’s Energy modalities based on the different energy systems in the body, I work with ENERGY and align your energy to open up blockages that create false paradigms and can cause a person to be STUCK FOR YEARS even after years of studying the mind as that person is constantly battling his energy systems and lets face it, they always win unless you know HOW to make them work for you.

With EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, I concentrate on the chakras and combine this with Pranic healing work. Combining these 3 ENERGY TECHNIQUES I can confidently navigate the energy centers in the body which are vortexs of powerful energy, each associated with a specific function….Go to my video playlist and watch videos on the Chakras etc for a deeper understanding of the fascinating system in the body. Let me say it loud and clear – ENERGY GOVERNS THIS UNIVERSE. 

So, if everything is energy then isn’t it logical that the MIND IS ALSO ENERGY? Are you with me? So if a persons energy is off and uncentered, can he have control over his mind? No, right? Absolutely not if his energy is blocked, stagnant and stale, he has no chance in hell of having a strong mind! Think of people like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, these are totally aligned people….MIND BODY SPIRIT. They are fulfilled on all levels, money, success, love, biz empires, life purpose, you name it and they have it all!

Don’t you want to have it all? If yo do, pick up the phone and call me or mail me!