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The word BODY brings up so many images for a person. These could range anywhere from the aesthetic and the physical representation to the mechanics of the body to a combination of all of the above and many more.
From a personal point of view THE BODY represents an amalgamation of:

  • “How it looks” and “feels to me on a physical level” in terms of “beauty and how i relate to it”
  • How the body “functions as a marvelous machine” and the physical strength the body possesses
  • I believe that the body is the “vehicle for the spirit or soul”

I delve into each of the 3 parts on my website, Avrils’ Qs’ and provide in-depth advice and tips that make a difference in your life from the word GET GO.
But to get you fired up, I am going to be giving you 3 sure fire ways to step up your Body image and an exercise tip to follow for 15 days to see a noticeable difference.

Body Image Affrimation

  • “ I am so happy and appreciative now that I am living in my ideal and sexy body.” – Photoshop a picture of your face onto a body you want your body to look like and hold this mental Picture in your mind whilst saying this affirmation at least 3 times a day for 3 minutes each time for 90 days.

The key is to engage all your senses whilst holding this image of your new body in your mind and repeating the affirmation.


  • Perform 10 Full body or modified BURPEES – Watch a good demo video on YouTube AND BUILD ON THAT in multiples of 2, 4 etc every day. Ultimately you wanna do at least 50 Burpees at a stretch. Once you have accomplished that, and then work on decreasing your time to complete them. THE BURPEE is a total body aerobic and toning exercise and I swear by them. I do about a 100 daily in 10 minutes and working on reducing my time to 6 Minutes in the next 3 months.
  • You must treat food as MEDICINE and notice and make a list of the foods that serve you and those that don’t. Watch for bloating, gas, burping, lower abdomen pain, headaches, fatigue, lethargy and irritability.
  • Try 10 Suryanamaskars OR “Sun Salutations" which is a Yoga Vinyasa cycle of 12 movements that has many benefits :-
    • A complete body toning exercise when done slowly and focusing on coordination each movement with the in and out breath.
    • A complete cardio workout when done fast.
    • A mind detox because you are focusing on your breath and calming the mind.
    • A detox for your organs and glands.
    • A spinal flush and much more.
  • Watch a good demo video on YouTube.
  • Once you get the hang of it build on working unto 50 Suryanamaskar’s on each side
  • A combination of SuryaNamaskars and Burpees will give you the best Body Toning and Aerobic workout and you can do it any time and any place.


The body is a temple and we must be mindful of this and treat it with respect, love and kindness.

Tantra is the sacred art of “Sensuality” that “Heals” not only your sexuality but all areas of your life. Tantra is the way to heal the body and manifest miracles in your life by regulating the flow of “Kundalini” or “Chi” Or “Shakti” Energy in your physical body through your sacred channel.

We work on all the 7 Major chakras and the minor ones to release past trauma, guilt, selfishness, ignorance of one’s sacred sexuality, repression, body shame, lack of confidence which in turn enhances all areas of your life. 

Tantra is not just related to sex but facilitates harmony in your mind and spiritual side of yourself too. 

Tantra definitely makes you a better lover to both give and receive love and helps with sexual problems like premature ejaculation, porn addiction, inability to orgasm in women and other intimate sexual problems.

Having studied Tantra and practiced on myself and on select clients, I now want to bring this sacred Indian science to the masses and break the taboo and the misconceptions of this beautiful healing science and art. 

I conduct Kundalini Yoga and healing workshops every 4-6 weeks in select cities in India and If you would like more details, please mail me here and watch out for details on my page on Facebook – AVRILs’ Qs’.