Reflections - August 2017

Hello Precious Person,

Welcome to the latest from the Daily Doze. 

Today I will share with you a new set of Reflections. The best way to use this is as follows:

We are always striving to improve our growth one step at a time. The key is to “keep moving” and to be “consistent.” – “REMEMBER TO REFLECT”

These are daily reflections wherein you will choose 1 PDF for the day and read it and then you reflect on the “self reflection questions” for that topic at the end of the Reflection.

Isn’t that simple? BUT.. Not only is it simple, but it is so eye opening and Informative about “your state of mind” and how you can make things better and start to “curate” your own life the way you want it.

Here are the reflections.

Avril Quadros